Is it possible to use Thunkable As interface to attach any file from my IPhone into Airtable?

In my Airtable I have a field attachement:

Is it possible via Thunkable to select any document from my IPH and attache them to the field attachement from airtable , opening airtable via Thunkable . The airtable must not be directly accessible.

Is it possible that thunkable emulate this :slight_smile:

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For attachement file I will use excel files and word doc

Airtable only supports files from fully qualified URLs so you might need to try to upload your file to a temporary file server first and obtain the URL of the uploaded file then use it for Airtable.

I have not tried it myself but one thing I know is Airtable will not use local file path.

I think @muneer is right. From their community forums:

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Which means that Thunkable has a neat solution for image files as you will pick the file and upload to cloudinary and obtain the URL from cloudinary to supply it to Airtable.

For other types, a separate solution need to be developed.

thx for the info , I will search in this area. huummm but in my airtable I have put directly from my pc excel and word document even a video with mp4 !!! manually not via thunkable .the ttachement field are not URLScreenshot 2021-03-03 232442

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Yes, you can use the dashboard/console of Airtable to upload files to your table but this cannot be done through other applications.

It is also worth to note that when you try to retrieve this field you will receive a JSON structure and not the uploaded file directly.