Thunkable X with Airtable as Data Sources

Good morning everyone.
Thunkable X with Airtable as Data Sources.
How can I insert a record (Create row)
in the table containing an “Attachment” field?
How should this field be handled by Thunkable?
Thank you!

Buon giorno a tutti. Nuovissimo di Thunks.
Thunkable X con Airtable come Data Sources.
Come posso inserire un record (Create row)
nella tabella contenente un campo “Attachment”?
Questo campo come va gestito da parte Thunkable?

This is not exactly an answer but it should get you most of the way there. The idea is to upload your file to something like Cloudinary or another cloud storage site and then to use the Airtable API to upload it again from there to Airtable.

It seems like it might be possible to do this in one step with Thunkable but I’m not sure how because I haven’t used that part of the API before (I have used the API).

Thanks Tatiang.
Now I try and inform you …

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