Create a post and save it in Airtable


I want to create a post after the “ToPost_Button” is clicked and a new row is created in Airtable, finally navigating the user to “Home”.

I have done what you see in the image and although I have tried other ways it does not work.

Thanks in advance and please attach an image of the block/s in the answer.

Sin título

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What’s is not working?

The row is not created in the table?

Or it does not navigate to home?

Or all?

All of the above

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Can you remove the image11 and run it without this field?

Leave it unassigned or assign a text to it.

Yes, it works when I remove the image 11 but in what other way can I show that to the user?
I thought variables would work and I was wrong

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Airtable uses a field of type Attachment to store images and other file types.

Yes in my Airtable I have a column named “Pictures” with the field attachment, but it doesn´t save the image.

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Airtable only supports files from fully qualified URLs so you might need to try to upload your image to cloudinary first and obtain the URL then use it for Airtable.

I have not tried it myself but one thing I know is Airtable will not use local file path.