Air Table: Posting Photos

Using the Air Table in Thunkable iOS, I am able to successfully upload a row of text data from the App but when I add a photo to the row, I get the error message ‘Trouble creating row’.

The column field type for ‘Photo’ in AirTable is set to “Attachment”. Photos can be dragged into the column when working on my computer so I know that it is set up correctly in AirTable. Do I have the blocks set up correctly?


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Its better to create a ordinary column and pass the URL of photo to column by uploading the photo to any cloud storage.

Not sure what you mean by pass the URL to the Airtable column. How is this done with the blocks?

When using the camera, an image is created that has a local address, for example, file:/// … And to save in AirTable, you need a network address http:// or https://. That is, your blocks will work if you add an image with a network address to the AirTable. For local address therefore do so:



Perfect, thanks for the response and including the blocks.

I tried this and it loads to airtable as Undefined.
The text goes up no problem.
I put a block in that puts the Media Url in the label and it says undefined.
Can you suggest anything?

I have screen 1 doing the new photo and text upload
I have screen 2 as a grid viewer
I have screen 3 as an exploded grid viewer with all the text and images

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

I can manually upload an image to airtable so the screens 2 and 3 work but I need to upload an image by taking a photo.
If I change the blocks from MediaURL to Photo it sends the local storage URL, which of course I cannot retrieve

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Is the image_URL field type in Airtable set as text or attachment?
If the field type set as text then you should not use create object with fields but instead pass the mendiaURL directly as you would with any text filed

Hi Muneer
When i pass the media url it passes the local starage url which you cannot retrieve

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Have you set up your own cloudinary DB or are you using the Thunkable public cloudinary?

MediaDB will, by default, upload it to cloudinary DB and give back the URL.

I made a quick test uploading a photo with mediaDB without cloudinary and this is the result

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Using airtable. I actually had a couple of images in there that loaded via API. but i broke the code. Gggrrr

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