Is it possible to register without validation with Firebase

Is it possible to register with Firebase without verification (I want to make it easier for users)

I think that putting rules on public, users wouldn’t need to verify their emails , I think like they would not even need to sign up un your app

It can be done. In the console Firebase need to include the input method “anonymous login”

and customize the rules for reading and writing as follows (Database/Rules):


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Are you sure this is the best way to do it? Because I need the user to sign up with their email and password and I also need to get their user ID. Is this the best way to do it? (I don’t really know what an anonymous login is)

Apparently, I did not understand you. I gave an example in which nothing at all to do, and the base is open to all. And you need to register a user, but without the need to confirm that their registration.

And how do you imagine the registration without validation? Imagine, someone found your e-mail address, entered it and come up with a password, and you would not even know that someone you are in some kind of database registered. And then to your email sent advertising and spam, and you do not even know where it pours.

However, the database administrator can register a user without validation - enter in email user base and assign a password to it. After that, he must send this data to the user.