iOS build freezing - Android apk install working perfectly

I tested an apk on my Android phone and got it working.
Without changing any code, I creating an iOS build which installed successfully via TestFlight.
However, the app is hanging after downloading data that is being used to populate local tables.
I tried removing the app and installing it again from TestFlight - same issue.
I have now moved blocks out of a control block and moved them back again before creating the iOS build again and am waiting for the new build to test.

Hello @finbarr.mccarthytl32
Please let us know if the new build worked.
If it didn’t, could you please share the blocks that you use for getting the data?

Xano showed that the data was successfully returned on the Get but the app just froze.

Many builds later after deleting the block and reinserting it without making any other changes, it worked but subsequent screens froze.

Hello @finbarr.mccarthytl32
Thank you for sharing the screenshot.
Maybe something is wrong with the conditions. And especially on the “response not equal to a variable”.
Try to change the condition to is empty block. And put inside the get object from the JSON response block

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Hi Ioannis,

That is not it. It is a similar issue to a block that clears a table failing.
The problem seems to be with the build process. Every screen in the app is having issues where it freezes.
If I take any block and cut and paste it, the problem seems to be corrected. It is completely random as to which block freezes and without changing the block, but cutting it and pasting it, usually fixes the problem.
However, when I did this on every screen, it failed. So I have been reduced to change 1 or maybe 2 screens, and then creating a build until the next screen fails. So far, I have been through 25+ builds to try to get the app to work. It is very slow and tedious.

Hello @finbarr.mccarthytl32!
We can understand that it is frustrating and appreciate you taking the time to investigate and provide more information.
This issue might be caused by an old version of a block and my assumption is that when you do the copy-paste, you are updating the block version. And when you are updating many things, it doesn’t have the necessary time to save the update.
Is there any specific block that you use in all of the screens that are related to a functionality causing the app to freeze?
Did this issue appear again after you did the workaround you found?

Hi Ioannis,
There isn’t any specific block across all screens that causes the app to freeze. It has frozen on DVL blocks, data retrieval blocks, table clearing blocks.
The workaround has been to take random blocks and delete them and then reinsert them, i.e. not the blocks on which the app freezing is occurring.
Build 5 was the last working build before I added in some functionality after which the app worked perfectly on Web Viewer but froze on screens I hadn’t changed on Build 6.
I have had to create 40+ builds since and now have a version that is stable, but with a couple of screens that are freezing that I haven’t had a chance to update yet, but I have enough to allow for Closed Testing on Android and TestFlight.
I will have to update these screens shortly and hope that I won’t have to go through another 40+ builds to get to the next stable version of the app, especially as the only way to be sure is to build the app and go through every screen on it (even ones that won’t be changing).