Random features not working when app is downloaded to Android

I have encountered a critical issue when preparing an app for release. Everything in the app works perfectly on Web Viewer but when I Download for Android, the app freezes in random places, even in parts of the app that are rarely used (such as registration) and that haven’t been changed in months.

The only workaround I have found is to drag the contents out of a control block or function, wait, and move them back again. I don’t make any changes to the code, but just need to trigger a save on each screen.

I discovered this through a process of trial and error, and 12 builds in the last 12 hours. And I didn’t trigger an update on one screen that is rarely used but you guessed it…the registration screen is needed to establish an initial connection with the Xano database and none of the buttons work although they haven’t changed.

Now I have to go through the whole process again and hope that it works because I have a number of clients waiting…

This has been an ongoing issue for several months and has probably manifested itself as various issues, e.g. platform crashes (this appears to be resolved), issues with stored variables -v- app variables, issues with DVLs.

It is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING as I have been working on this app for nearly a year, have had to cancel demos on several occasions because of platform issues, and now have clients who want to use the app in the next 24 hours. I am just crossing my fingers that the slow process of triggering a save on every screen and then building the app will work.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Hi i totally understand your frustration i have an app and it breaks down without me changing anything i have to move all the blocks to see why then it works fine in test but shut down on the phone
alot of trial and error to fine what causing what even tho i changed nothing the app functionality just changes

Hi Kizzy,

It takes me close to an hour to move a set of blocks and put them back on every screen in the app. I have had to do it on every screen to prevent issues such as you outlined.

I’m glad to say that the app is now working on the Android download. I have subsequently tested it on iOS and it’s working there too.

I now have to create a Google Play download and test it there too.

A major concern for me is that if I add a small piece of functionality to one screen, will I have to repeat the process of moving blocks on every screen to ensure that the app continues to work.

i am really frustrated i have people emailing telling me stuff does not load but when i check in testing it is loading
.my app is kind of non profit in that is for a church of sorts , yea it helps me with income but using thunkable f for a business is not reliable. Too many un for seen stuff

Hi Kizzy,
Do you check using the Web Viewer, Live Test, or an app build on a phone?
Web Viewer seems to work all the time (except if you have device specific requirements like photos, gps etc)
The others don’t work as reliably.

using webview works fine no issue but then there is an issue on a phone i have even have use browserstack.com free plan to test on certain phone because some phones have issues and some dont

The latest release of Thunkable has not solved the issue.
I noticed that Web Viewer operated more slowly than before, but the app worked on Web Viewer.
Created an Android download, launched the app, and the buttons on the login screen don’t work.
I now have to go through every screen, move blocks out of control blocks, move them back in again and hope that this works as I have customers waiting to use the app on Android and iOS this weekend.

i really hope things work out for u i been there trying to figure out problem