App works in Live Preview perfectly but not when I download and test it

I am in final stages of my app, and am starting to download and test it. Everything has worked fine with it until today.

I can test my app in the live mode through the thunkable app and online, but my app does not work right when I download it to my i phone.

Anyone else having problems like this? I am ready to finish this app! haha

I can’t determine if it is on the thunkable side or in my app. Some of my other apps work fine when I download them.


Solved my own problem. If this is happening to you update your phone’s software!

I have the same problem. It is frustrating as I am due to launch my app this week, I have been going through hell for the past 2 days and almost tearing. At first, it was Android load that was broke. Then followed by on the Thunkable live. Then a day later, it happened on the iPhone download. And next was the iOS Thunkable live. It was like seeing all my months of effort sinking slowly. May I know exactly what you did on the phone solve this, please?

Update everything. Update your phone software first. (Apple just had a software update) Update thunkable live app to latest version. Reset your device.

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Thanks. I have just done that. That’s when I realised they have a Thunkable Live update on 24 Apr, when all my troubles started.

Anyway, as I have a launch coming up, can’t wait for thunkable reply. So I went to painstakingly check every block and discovered the following Changes:

  1. The Air-table Get Column block has a default value of zero for max no. of column. Previously you can just leave it blank and it will return whole column.

  2. All the while loops caused my app to hang. I was puzzled why some buttons work and some not. It seems that my buttons/functions that contain while loops, all won’t work. (working fine previously). Removing them works. but now this gave me another big problem. I have been using while loops to make asynchronous blocks behave sequentially, now my app had completely gone haywire.

Very upsetting weekend.

HI gobassky,

I removed all my while loops this weekend too, they have been given me nothing but trouble.

It is strange as they really can help you reduce your code size, but the penalty on performance, especially on Android, was a trigger for me to go back to simply repeating code for all button/labels etc…

Now everything is back to old speed standard for me.

I think Thunkable owe us an explanation, as they promote this feature to us.

Is this similar to your problem, I am not sure, but in any case, I wish you best off luck!


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Yes! Thanks Henrik…

It does seemed to me now that their update have broke While Loops… I began the painful process of removing the While loops and replacing them with the good old repeating blocks.

And I agree Thunkable owe us an explanation.

Thanks again.

The same happens to me, but on android only. The application works well on live test but when download it to android it gives message of continuous failure. IOS download is working perfect!
Any suggestions? thanks