App not working after downloading in Android phone

Hi Thunkable,
My app which consists of API, data tables, is not working after downloading its APK file and installing on Android phone . please help. Not even the button on home screen is responding after click. I can share the link on email . Is there an issue in the same? TIA

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Hello @mindchamp :wave:
Do you use any data source blocks?
Could you please try to delete them and then add them again?

Hi @ioannis ! Thanks for the response. Yes the app is using quite a lot of tables and API. So you are suggesting that we should detach All the table blocks and attach them again and then download and see ? TIA

Hello @mindchamp!
Instead of updating all the blocks, could you please try first with some of the blocks and let us know if it works?

Yes , will surely update after trying that. Thank you.

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