Crash Logs - Could help troubleshoot the app building progress and reduce frustration of searching for a problems when apps crash

Thankfully I’ve only run into this twice. I am testing a new build of my app in testflight(ios) or internal(android) and I’ll experience a white screen, meaning the app crashed. In this case what would be helpful is an error message displayed which line of code it crashed on.


Anyone know what causes crashes?

  1. block errors
  2. calling variables before they are established

This crash i’m having happens on testflight iOS but not on andriod internal build.

When is it happening? Knowing this can help us narrow down what’s going on.

Reading a purchase history response can crash even the best iPhone, it’s too big!

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It’s happening on the character select screen in onboarding once I tap on a button to choose a character. The following page is the choose pet page. Both block screenshots are attached below.

I got the crash after I had copied and pasted the IAP blocks from my test page to the page they needed to be on. I witnessed some variables not pasting correctly, acting as if the variables didn’t exist. I taped on the dropdown and the variable was not there. I had to refresh and they showed up. I don’t think this is the cause as the blocks perform fine in the Android build.

For those interested as I am to find the issue. Below are blocks I was working on that resulted to the next build experiencing crashes on iOS. Credit to @jared for verifying purchases and xano approach.

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