White screen on production builds iOS

Last two builds I published as iOS have crash issues and I haven’t made any changes to my blocks. Can someone confirm it’s not an issue with the code that makes the build?

Hey @exploriverse.com

I’ve just pushed a version of my IAP tester to Testflight to test some updates. Will let you know if my app acts funny.

Do you know what your app is doing when it’s crashing?

Is it related to IAP workflows? If so, which one? Purchasing subs/1-time items or purchase history?

If not related to crashing during IAP flows, then what is occuring when the app crashes and are there any messages displayed?

I’ve confirmed the crashes I’ve experienced has something to do with the publishing of the app.

Because I republished the app with no change and the next testflight build had no crashes.

@jared @domhnallohanlon

It’s crashing again. 1 build was free of crashes i pushed it live. Then made a change, published a new build and its white screening when it transitions to next quiz. I made another change, published a new build and its white screening at the character screen.

I’m in a difficult situation, with no visibility into what is happening under the hood I’m not sure how to fix this.

Here are video screen captures of two app builds where the white screen symptom had moved. Is it 100% that the issue is related to the button pressed or actions taken after that?

Build 85 white screen when it loads next quiz

Build 86 white screen after selecting character

I’m going through the blocks line by line looking for potential issues with variables being called before they are set and variables called twice. Looking at lists making sure they are being used, called correctly.

@domhnallohanlon @jared @eoinparkinson @tatiang

I removed the lotti animations from the page that was experiencing the white screen and it no longer happens. My quiz screen uses lotti animations for the checkmarks, it too is white screening. This issue appeared in the last month, prior to that these lotti animations did not white screen my app.

Is it possible there is a bug with how the thunkable builder is handling lotti files and/or using them in memory in the iOS platform? Could explain why there is no white screen in thunkable preview app but there is in live build.

I’ve changed the title of this thread. I have confirmed the symptoms where any screen where a lotti animation is used will result in a white screen display (on App Store TestFlight/live). This bug was recently introduced as these animations used to work fine.

Can someone at Thunkable reproduce this?


@domhnallohanlon @jared
As I keep testing this issue to pinpoint its source, I continue to comb through my blocks to see if it is a logic or variable issue, it is not. All the below items have been working fine for over a year only recently has the iOS builder introduced this white screen affect.

It does not appear in thunkable preview app, but the testflight iOS build.

It is intermittent
Meaning with NO block change testflight build 98 has the white screen issue while build 99 does not. (I can share video capture by request)

It may have to do with lotti animations on ios
Meaning I had the white screen at choose pet screen, I removed the lotti animations from that screen and it was resolved. I continued to remove lotti animations from the character screen and splash screen. Then the white screen was appearing on the quiz screen so I removed the lotti check animations. I removed all the lotti animations from the quiz screen and the white screen affect is gone.

Please can someone at thunkable repro this issue

I’ve followed up via DM about this topic. @exploriverse.com

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Hey @exploriverse.com. Just wanted to close the loop on this. You stated that you’re not experiencing these anymore after fixing your admob ID, is that accurate?

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