IOS preview/download: Blank Screen!

Hello Thunkable.

When i preview any app (Live App & downloaded App)on IOS it appears only a white Screen… even if ther are visible components in the build.

is someone else having this issue?


I too am having this issue, my app even got rejected by Apple for it as I didn’t know about it. I have tons of components in my app and it has worked before.


Same issue… white screen takes 8 seconds before the app load

my app won’t even load after the icon appears.

I only see blank screen, period.

anyone else?

same here.

previous downloads workes fine.

This is happening to me too.

Here is a test projekt with this issue

can you please take a look on this issue?

Yes same problem started again.

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does Thunkable even care?

I kind off regret buying PRO, if theres no support at all…

@domhnallohanlon @jane


Does Thunkable know about the issue above, if so, do they plan to fix it? I am trying to publish my app and I cannot do it because of this.


same here!

is someone from Thunkable even reading this?!!

do you have a Map component in your start screen?

for me it was the Map, i did not define anything in the map component settings (lat/long)… i only initialised lat/long with blocks on screen start. this caused the blank screen in my app.

No, my app dosn’t use a map.

have you tried get in toutch with thunkable in the live chat? Unbenannt

i got a reply there, hopefuly you will too!

Yes, the beaver shows up for about ten seconds then dead. It’s got me looking at Kodular.

Yes, same here.

If I use the Realtime DB component I see a white screen.



Does Thunkable know about this issue? It is preventing me from publishing my app and has been around for at least a few weeks with no response from Thunkable. I was considering buying PRO but if this dose not get fixed, I will take my business elsewhere.


Same issue, i have a video Where i can’t do the login in the web viewer just for Tablet Ios…i opened a chat and…

I can’t do the release for iOS for this problem and i am just ignored. It’s frustrating

Umm, hi, I am also experiencing the same issue here. I did my project on my iPad, and it works fine, but my iPad now needs some repairs so I used my Dad’s Mac to complete my project. But the thing is I can’t run a test or preview if my app still works, because the entire browser will turn into a blank white screen and that’s it, nothing happens.

I hope the Thukable staff or Beaver scan help me to fix this issue.

I think if it works fine on your iPad, and not on your Dad’s Mac maybe your Dad’s Mac has a problem.
And even if some specific components are used in the app it may work on some devices and not on others.
For example, once I used a firebase component and did the live preview on my laptop and it showed a blank screen. But, when I previewed on my Dad’s phone it worked.