White Screen when I open downloaded app

Hello! I created a simple app yesterday and downloaded it to my IOS phone. When I open the app all I see is a white screen. Any suggestions on what I’ve done wrong?


Does this app work in Web Preview?

When I open the app through my Thunkable app it works. In preview mode it shows everything but the website I have it linked to.

same here on ios

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I have the same error right now: even the most simple app (a screen with a label and a button) does not run any more on iOS as a downloaded app. It runs in “thunkable live app” and also as a preview. On android everything is ok.

started doing this sometime yesterday

Well, I’m glad it’s not just me! I’m a teacher and am trying to create an app for parents to use…any workaround suggestions?

Do you have any blocks in your app @Michael_Rogulla?

Did you report this in chat support or the community somewhere @Mikas_3D?

@tagliaferroh4 - sorry to hear about this. Dirst of all, can you try creating a blank project (no components or blocks - but you can change the background colour of Screen1, since the issue here is seeing a white screen on loading) and see if you can download/install/open this successfully.


i did a simple 2 screen app same white screen when downloaded

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

no, I do not have any blocks inside. Is this required to have an app up and running? If so I will test it, but you said I should test the “change app icon” problem with a blank app.

Hi @domhnallohanlon, here is an update:

  • I added a block to my app (one label, one button) so that when clicking the button the label changes
  • now the app starts

I still can’t see the app icon during start of the app. Maybe this is not important at all, but it used to work!

its fixed now

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Hi @domhnallohanlon, this issue is not fixed on iOS. I tested it with the most simple app and also with a more complex app, but the following error remains:

  • In thunkableX I download an iOS app and install it. The app starts always with a blank screen! Normal behaviour would be to open an app and to see a larger version of the app icon during start. It is irritating to see only a blank screen for several seconds.

After that, the app runs as expected. On Android everything works as usual.

Btw: it would be very interesting to have a way in ThunkableX to define a real splash screen. Right now the only thing we hopefully see again is the app icon.

@Michael_Rogulla I think you’ve mentioned this somewhere else before already, but just to confirm that your icon is 192 x 192 px, right?

Hi @domhnallohanlon, yes, the icon is 192*192 in PNG, without alpha channel.