Initial questions

Some initial questions (experimenting with platform):

  1. Is it possible (don’t think so) that I can customise the splash screen on a per-client basis for the same app ? IE can I load the splash screen image from a URL I guess ?

  2. I notice that when a thunkable app is in the background for a while (this is Android btw) and then in my side-by-side list of apps, I see an image of it and I click on that image to bring the app back up, the app crashes and then relaunches - requiring I find it again in the list of apps and click once more. To me this is a bad user experience - ok clicking on an app which has been in the bg for a while and then have the app ‘start’ again is not great but netter than what I have experienced

Thanks for any and all info.


  1. I wonder if there’s something you’re doing when screen starts/opens that is causing the crash?

Thanks @tatiang - 99.9% sure there is nothing going on in thse events but have knocked up an app with just a screen, a button and a label. Click the button and the label is populated with ‘To be or not to be’.

Downloaded onto device. Will give it an hour and see what the experience is…


From my experience:

  1. You can’t do that, as splash screen is defined as new icon in project properties. This can’t be manipulated through blocks;
  2. On my older phone, with lower specifications, I had the same issue. I was never be able to put my app on background without a crash when I was trying to put in front again (was running Android 9, 10 and later 11 on that). But on my new device, with better specifications: 19 Gb RAM, 256 Gb memory, CPU Snapdragon 888, (and running the same Android 11) I can put the same app in background without any problems, with no error when I try to use it later from the point I “paused” it. So my conclusion is that it has to do with the phone, not android or Thunkable for me at least.
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Up until Android 10, you need special coding (called intents) to have any app in the background. Android 11 has that rule in reverse, now apps can stay in background unless the user kills the app or you have another memory management tool that would kill idle apps. Basically it is a mixture of both. If your phone does not have enough memory then Android OS will clear the less used and if you are on Android 11 then you have more freedom with apps being in the background.

If your question is to call your app from a URL and passing the splash image as a parameter to the app then it is not possible.

If you want to say that when the user logs in you will show the saved profile for the user then this step can only take place after the splash screen has executed.

Not what I meant.

App starts, gets logo from url and displays it on splash screen.

EDIT: Typos

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If you mean a splash screen you created in your project then yes you can but if you want to change the initial loading logo then no you can’t.

Hope this makes it clearer.

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