App stuck on the splash screen

Why my app stuck on the splash screen and not moving forward while I checked my app again and again for errors but there’s no error.

Hi waseem,

in live mode or downloaded app? ios or android device?

since when? - was it okay before?

(I want to compare it to the problem I have with downloaded app only)


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Device = Android.
Before it was working on live and downloaded both and then I added some pictures and it stops working on both, then I delete pictures again but still not working

hmm, not the same problem as in my case. Sorry, I think I cannot help you. One possibility is sharing your project and let others check it.

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I also have the same problem. I notice that few months ago the splash screen shows the icon of thunkable and now I can see my app icon in the splash screen.

Before it was working (live test and android apk). But now it is not working I only change the following: deleted some pictures and adjusted the size of buttons.

It is still working in live test but not in android apk.

@waseem_gul & @james_olarve please share your projects and we’ll take a look. If you don’t wish to share them publicly please message me directly. Thanks for reporting your issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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My problem has been solved, actually that was my bad to not add screen to one of my stack navigator.


my app is stuck at a screen where i use a timer to advance the slides…not sure what to do…I think i need to make the app again :(((