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Hello, actually i need help. recently i just finish with my project on thunkable, i test on live test and all worked fine. But the problem is when download to APK. Installation just fine. My apps just stuck on splash screen. The loading icon still moves but the screens don’t change at all. I try in Bluestack and android smartphone and the same problem occur. Could anyone help me? This is my project Thunkable
Device : android


Change this from Opens to Starts and all will work as expected.


im sorry sir, i just followed just like you said, but it still stuck on splash screen. or should i delete page of splash screen and directly to menu page when apps is start?

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This are screenshot when i open through bluestack

Show your blocks of the first screen in your app, Setup Screen.

I just tried it from my phone and it works fine.

See video

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this is my block from my setup screen.

sorry sir when im using through thunkable apps in playstore everything is fine but when im using apk through download button (refer image no 2) then install on bluestack, its stuck during setup screen.

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Do you mind if I download APK if your project and test it in my phone?

sure sir, that would be helpful. CVD Deuteranopia test apk - Google Drive

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Check this

Please note:
Your file did not work. I requested a download from my side and it worked.

Have you redownload the APK after you made the change from Opnes to Starts?

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Sir, everything work like a charm now, i use my friend account and redownload and it work. thank you so much sir for your help. I really appreciate all your help sir. you re truly the best. salute

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