[Solved] Cant Remove Default Splash Screen

i have created a splash screen; and it works successfully AFTER default thunkable splash screen…
means, there is 2 splash screens, 1 thunkable comes first , then mine!

anyone can advise how to remove thunkable splash screen ?

Not possible for now sorry

See here

I am totally newbie to thunkable, like 3 days old :slight_smile: and i have no coding experience; so excuse me if i am asking naive questions…

i have tried both Thunkable and Thunkable X…

I moved from thunkable to thunkable X mainly because of iOS version…
But i lost 2 major features i could have used in thunkable and i cannot find in X:
1- removing default app about info
2- removing default app splash screen
3- adding exit application button

So, is there is anyway to solve those 3 issues on thunkable X , or i must go back the old thunkable and just forget about the iOS app “or there is anyway to generate iOS from old thunkable app”???

Thanks again, and sorry if the questions are unclear or naive .

You can’t remove the splash screen
There are many threads about the exit buttons
Didn’t get the 1st question

Hope it helps

Many thanks…
can you send me link for exit button on thunkable X , because all links i found related to the old thunkable version ???

Also, is there is anyway to creat ios version with old thunkable version NOT thunkable X ?

again thank you.

No it is not possible to import apps

thank you so much

There seem to be no solution for now

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you means that we cannot remove the default splash screen (made with thunkable) even with a pro account ?

Hi there,

Any app made with Thunkable will display an initial splash screen with the app logo.
the default logo/splash screen is the Thunkable Beaver.
PRO users are able to personalize their app logo, and by extension the splash screen.

You can read more about this in the February 11 2019 Release Notes.

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