Implementing Conversion Tracking


Hey guys, I developed an app using thunkable back in 2017 and published it on playstore.

It’s a great app and has recently crossed 40k downloads.

I run google app install advertisements to my app and conversion gets tracked accurately as playstore feeds back the conversion data back to google ads platform automatically.

Right now I am going to run ads on facebook to my apps and I want to implement conversion tracking as facebook cannot track conversion in playstore by default. Anybody have idea how to implement this ?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hi @imkrtk, nice work!

If you share a link to your app and I can go ahead and add you to the 1K app developer group (I think we need to look at creating a 10K group too!)

I’m actually not sure about Facebook conversion tracking - maybe @josh know a bit more about this? (or might know someone who does?)


Hmmm, does Facebook Pixel not work with this? I’ve used this for web apps but not sure if it works with mobile apps. Feel free to post it on the No Code Founders community to see if anybody else has done this already


Thank you!.
Here’s the link to my app.


Thanks josh. I’m here after 2 long years. Lots have changed within these 2 years.
Sorry for the noob question but is " No Code Founders community" a community within thunkable ?


That’s no problem.


The #creator-lounge is a new section here in the community, dedicated to all the things that happen before, after and outside of Thunkable X on your journey to making an app.

If you find some interesting or helpful info over in the No Code Founders please feel free to share back here with how it applies to Thunkable apps!