Linking analytics APIs to Thunkable apps?

Hello all,

For our social shopping app StartShare, we use Facebook Ads and their Pixel platform to track analytics for conversions from our ads, as well as Google Analytics on our website. We’d like to know if anyone has successfully integrated either of these, because it would be a godsend to have metadata on what kinds of things people are posting, buying, searching for, or clicking on in the app so we could get a better idea of our user demographic and behavioral trends.

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@StartShare, agreed, this wold be a great feature to have.

It’s not available yet, but if you want to open a feature request on Github you can post the link to it here and see if there’s any interest from the wider community.

Hope that helps!

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Hi, Dom!

To clarify, are you saying that Google Analytics isn’t something you can integrate atm? Because if so, Thunkable is basically unusable on an economic and marketing level. This is definitely something to prioritize because it’s costing you a lot of revenue. I was going to go for Thunkable pro tonight and I’ll go with another no code solution if analytics isn’t available. If you send the link for the Github I’ll happily make a request. Apologies if I didn’t understand you properly and thanks!

I mean, you could try a Zapier Airtable & Google integration and see if it works. I’m gonna try tonight.

That’s a good idea. I’ll investigate that! If user does specific action then add them to a database. If database has a new event then update google analytics via Zapier. Would be curious to hear if you come up with something different for the logic!

Also, StartShare looks like a cool startup. Thanks for sharing!

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Hello @StartShare,

Something I think you might find VERY useful, that is a bit of a hidden gem, is Matomo.

First of all, I’m not associated with them in any way.

Matomo is a self-hosted alternative to Analytics, it has lots of features.

BUT it also has a HTTP API.

I have used it in a Thunkable project to collect data (such as user OS, screen size, City etc.), but also you can track clicks with it, for example if a button is tapped, you can use custom Actions to define which button was clicked (and I assume collect what they’ve typed using the ‘search’ parameter). You can also define goals and funnels like on Analytics, so when users have gone a certain route in your app, you get an overview of all users.
(It does give you time spent per user, though it may not be accurate.)

In the example below I added OneSignal and used part of the ID it generates to create a UserID to send with the API, so returning users can have accurate multiple sessions.

Matomo is free for the core, which includes the HTTP API. It’s easy to install on your existing hosting. I think Softaculous has it as a one-click if your hosting company provides that.
There are some decent Enterprise addons, and you can use the standard tracking javascript for websites as well.

More details:

Basic (if slightly messy) example:


Disclaimer: Yes, this means you can technically collect typed passwords and things that you probably shouldn’t. I would advise using this with reasonable caution, and make sure it’s mentioned in your various policies and terms, or that at least ensure the data collected is anonymous. I’m not responsible for anything (legal or otherwise) anyone does with this information… :blush:


Sorry for the late reply Eric, I appreciate the suggestion and am looking into Matomo as I write this message. I have most of the metadata (NEVER passwords or contact info) I’d need in Airtable records in each listing or purchase already, so I might be able to use my favorite automation tool Zapier to do it on the server side and not even touch the blocks, which is what I usually aim for in developing my apps. My goal is to always keep the app as lightweight and smooth as I can and automate most of the functions for listing availability, inventory, etc. on the server side so my apps run smoothly and reliably.

– Ethan at SwagShare, LLC.

Appreciate your feedback on StartShare! My logic is I want my bot to do the following when certain events happen:

  • Upon user sign up in firebase, log an event “user sign up”.
  • Upon new listing (new record in Airtable) log event “new listing/post” as well as a log for either “social posts”, “purchasable listings” depending on the parameter “Listing Category”
  • Upon new order (new record in Airtable), log an event “new order”
  • etc.

If I can figure that out and humanize the data coming at me, I might have a decent shot at taking StartShare to great heights because I’ll have a better understanding of how people use my app and better tailor the user experience and our advertising too.

– Ethan at SwagShare, LLC.

Do try if you find you need a lot of routes, or find Zapier expensive.

I use it every day(!) and find it far more intuitive (even though it has far less apps), it’s very good for HTTP API. 10,000 operations for about $9/m


(I have no affiliates yet lol, and it might not earn me squat anyway, because they don’t charge you more… But I’d appreciate it nonetheless)

Couple of examples:

There’s always IFTTT as well :slight_smile: :+1:


Appreciate the feedback! These API connected workflow automation tools + Thunkable are imo putting us on the cusp of creating apps as scaled, quality, and robust Twitter and Facebook. For example our social commerce app StartShare is, thanks to Zapier automating things we’d otherwise have to spend time writing code for like sending emails of receipts and notifications, inventory updating, etc. Automation being easy to set up, plus an app being easy to code so you can spend time designing it perfectly, and their implications on profitable app development from a small firm like myself is how I’d imagine Bill Gates and Paul Allen felt about software when the Altair was announced in the January 1975 Popular Science magazine.

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Thanks @StartShare and @hdawc for the Zapier and Integromat recommendations.

I’m always interested to know more about how services like these can be used in conjunction with Thunkable.

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We rely on firebase and airtable actions like new data to be the triggers. Zapier bots perform functions on our API providers for StartShare like:

  • Send emails through Gmail for receipts/notifications
  • Record metric in Google Analytics
  • Send calendar reminder thru Google Calendar
  • Send onesignal push notifications
  • Inform team members of support requests
  • Inform development team members any signs of a problem
  • Entire balance sheet/accounting math for balance withdrawals/deposits and orders payouts (depending on order status of pending or completed, reflecting the cash flow in and out of the “Payouts Pending” account) .

Even the Pro subscription of zapier is cheaper, easier to deal with, and harder working than hiring a person to do the same mundane and repetitive tasks