Analitics for both iOS and Android

I would like to implement an analytics system for both OS systems. Pages visited, times, locations etc. Since it is not possible to insert the Google Analitics SDK, what do you recommend me to do?
Do I invent a function that I call from all pages and write a DB (Firebase or AirTable)?
Thank you

Hi @Andrea_Marchisio,

Yes, a custom analytics solution like this is definitely possible.

However, are you publishing your app to Google Play? Or to the App Store? Do you have any versions there at the moment?

Yes I published my app but I have to see analytics from both stores. if I could have just one place it would be more practical.
Anyway it was just to know if you have any idea to integrate native Analytics into Thunkable.


Good question!

At the moment we don’t have any native component that can handle analytics.

I would recommend using the dashboards provided by Google Play and the App Store since they track pretty much everything you might want.

Just wondering how often you’re checking these stats, how long it takes to check the two stores and how long it would take to roll your own solution for aggregating both platforms in one place? I’d imagine that you time would be better spent on promoting your app or implementing user requests.

Hi, as some time has passed I just wanted to raise the query as to whether there is the prospect of firebase analytics on the Thunkable component roadmap and if yes, when might we see something?