Connect Google Analytics to our Firebase SDK

Hi there,

I wanted to raise an issue which I think it’s affecting our capacity of download installations through Google ADS.

In particular, I am trying to figure out a way to create a list of App events in Firebase, which as I understood are directly linked to the Google Analytics account (what I want to track, firstly, are App installations). This will allow me to advertise my iOS App through Google ADS. As I understood, if Google ADS doesn’t get any response regarding the conversions (App installations) it doesn’t allow you to proceed with the ads - which I think it’s fair. I think it’s important to say that we need to create a WebApp in Firebase (see Thunkable DOCS for Firebase settings).

And here the problem:
I tried to follow the path advised from Google Analytics and, under the property tied to my Firebase account, I created a “new stream App per iOS”. I registered my iOS App and then the procedure advices me to include in my App the “GoogleService-Info.plist” file. Then, I need to add the Firebase SDK into my App (which has already been done through the Real-Time Database component).
Then the problem - Google services utilize the CocoaPods to manage the dependencies - we should need to create a Podfile and then it will create a “.xcworkspace” file - which we need to open right after this procedure.
To allow Firebase to connect to my App I need to add an initialization code following the leading “AppDelegate”. Please find the initialization code below:


Then we need to see if the connection works.

Is anyone able to provide a clear explanation on how to integrate this in our Apps?