SDK Firebase and Analytics

Hi All,

I am trying to set up Google Analytics for my App but I didn’t find a solution for it, so I am wondering if anyone is willing to provide any tips about it.

I tried to look if it was possible to:

  1. implement SDK Analytics via API through Google directly
  2. implement SDK Analytics via third party providers
  3. implement SDK Analytics via Javascript
  4. upload the files “GoogleService-Info.plist” and “google-services.json” in the files of the project (left side of the screen, under file)

None of these attemps seem to work, but maybe there is somenthing I am doing wrong (I didn’t write any blocks in my project because I don’t know where to start).

As far as I understood, the SDK Firebase included in our projects does not include the SDK Analytics funciton. Do you think this is correct?

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You can try to use Google Apps script GET and POST requests to record data. Ask me for more help if you are interested.

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