Please Promote Thunkable

I am an internet marketer and I know the effects of advertising. The more people that actively use Thunkable the more resources there will be available to learners like me.
Thunkable app builder is an awesome platform but I am new to app building and need more tutorials. For example, I need a simple Google map locator and can’t find any tutorials on just that. There are other tutorials that are more complicated on maps but I cannot extract the simple from the complex because of my lack of knowledge.
Just like anything say like Wordpress. There is a tutorial for just about every aspect. If I have a problem I usually find it. Same way that Thunkable could be. Take the time like I have and post something on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. about Thunkable. More users means more people getting involved posting blogs and videos on how to’s in app creation.


Thanks for your support @Steveo!