App shop Works created from thunkable

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You shouldn’t :mailbox:post in the forums because just publishing it on the internet will take you to reach 1,345 running Android devices

@vishruth That’s exactly what a part of this community is about! Sharing your apps and getting feedback. As @tatiang said, please let staff and moderators address any procedures/protocol. In this case, #madewiththunkable is obviously for sharing your apps. If you meant something else, however, please do let us know.

Also, I’ve noticed that this is a second account of @super-coder . Please use only one account for community.


I think you paid to upgrade to pro. But my dad and mom were in a bad situation right now. Because nobody’s buying products :sob:. And this play-store-intstaled-apps-disabling-device is not taking [email address removed] that is my original account

No, I haven’t upgraded to PRO.

Extremely sorry to hear that. I hope the situation gets better soon.

All I mean is you are using 2 accounts to post- @super-coder and @vishruth. Could you please only post from one account- either @super-coder or @vishruth?


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It’s not a good idea to post your email address on a forum site. I’ve removed it from your post to protect your privacy.


Thanks @tatiang I don’t have privacy because I’m just 7 yrs old, and generally I don’t have any personal information on it.

I have a device that mom purchased for study, it is only for study purposes and disabled entertainment. So I tried to add my account, but all it says is

we couldn’t find this Google account

Well, mom and dad requested googol plus times but no no luck :sob: