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Thunkable is the fastest way to make android applications without prior knowledge of coding. The Thunkable community has around 1.0k users, 13.4k posts, and 1.4k topics. The numbers of the above statistics continue to rise every day.

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I noticed that you’re using a Google form to collect email addresses, but that you don’t have a privacy policy.

Are these emails securely stored and encrypted? Will I be sent unsolicited emails? Are these email addresses sold to third parties?


Emails are securely stored, Ill be uploading a privacy policy soon:slight_smile:

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We are going to reach 10k posts. I think that 13.4k is too big :wink:

Anyway, cool work :+1:

Site statistics show All time posts as 13.5k

Hummm, mine are different :sweat_smile:

Yeah, you are right:

It was my mistake, sorry :disappointed_relieved:

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Guys, do you have any idea add to how I can publicise this app??? Any help will be appreciated…

I use to upload about my app everywhere on social media :laughing:& Upload a video on my YouTube channel… I don’t know how you can publicise a community app… I think just by posting about it in community which you already did… :smiley:

A little question about the app @Ritabrata_Maiti

I’ve downloaded it and installed to my phone. When I launch the app it requires me to input my email on a GForm. Why do you need this? Because after doing it I have to login in the normal procedure, even if I submited my email to that GForm


I don’t even get why he want users email? :thinking: