App like thunkable community

I want to make an app like community. So from where I have to start. Can anyone help me? Please…

Please help me.

What is “community”? Can you provide a link to an example?

Also, there’s no need to post twice in one hour just to ask for help. If someone knows the answer, they will post a response.

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Like thunkable community.

wat have done till now?

Nothing. Only login/signup page.

any errors there?

also see;


But I need like this.

These forums run on Discourse software. It’s going to be a big project to make forum software using Thunkable. It can be done but you will need to learn a lot about Thunkable first (e.g. watch video tutorials) and then when you have made a first version using data sources, list viewers, etc., you can ask specific questions and people here can help.


For making like this which components I need?

keep a web viewer

Why web viewer?

ttake thunkable url and put ur app i doone

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but change icon
if u know html
take thunkable code search for icons place ur own icon and get drive link ur app is done

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But I not want to make thunkable community app.
I want to make an app like thunkable community.

so do

This isn’t possible beacuse thunkable run on Discourse software so the code is obscured

@mattia.guariglia can I make this in Kodular?

A big project like this is preferable to develop it in javascript or something like that, you can do it with both kodular and thunkable but certainly the result will not be as expected.
Start developing the project with thunkable and maybe one day you can copy the idea into a more suitable programming language

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