Image with 'fit contents' does not show up on live test

I made a simple app with just a screen and an image on the screen, and have been playing around with image settings so that I can get an image of any size to show up properly on the screen. However, some image settings just show a blank screen on the live test, instead of the image.

What works (the image shows up on the live test):
-when both the width and height are set to ‘fill container’ (ie what the tutorial does)
-when both the width and height are set to an ‘absolute size’ (of any size)
-when both width and height are set to relative size

What does NOT work (blank screen on live test):
-when both width and height are set to ‘fit contents’
-when width or height is ‘fit contents’ and the other is any other setting

So it looks like the culprit here is ‘fit contents’

At first I thought this might be an image size issue, but then I resized my image asset to <100 kb, and I still had the problem. I also thought it might be because I am running iOS 9.3, but I got somebody to test it on iOS 11 and I see the same problem. I also have an iPhone SE (smaller screen) if that is relevant.

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Another thing that doesn’t work on the live test: Google Maps. I tried this on both iOS 9 and iOS 11, for the iPhone SE/iPhone 5 size. However, this isn’t a big deal since Maps works on the live test, even though Google Maps doesn’t. (I’m curious if people with other devices notice this as well.)

As of the 3/6 app update, Google Maps works now.

However, the first bug is still not fixed! Images with ‘fit contents’ still do not show up on the live test.