Image displaying empty on Android [Nov 2022]

Hi I have an issue with a Samsung S7 (not tested on anything else) where the image is not displayed just white space. I have created a brand new project (snap to place), uploaded a 48x48 jpg file from into the files section, and added an image, and all I’ve done is set the picture and picture resize mode to stretch. preview displays the image live test does not, have not tested APK as yet.
The project link to POC is: Thunkable

Hi @lbonnell71, I’m sorry you’re having issues seeing the image on your device. I just tested on a OnePlus Nord and am able to see the image. We’ve had quite a few updates to the app recently. Could you check to see if updating your Live app makes a difference?

Hi Thanks for looking into this for me, The play store is showing there are NO updates to the app.

The live view: