I need your help for an upcoming app

Hello, I’m working on a new app concept called “PASK”.

The premise of this app is that anyone can use the app to ask a question/advice to help you achieve your goals, and anyone can answer. The only difference is is that you’re paid to answer questions. (from ad revenue) I have some questions that, if answered, would help me finalize my app.

Should the app be completely anonymous or have usernames?

How do I alert users when their question is answered? (questions and answers are uploaded to, automated preferably)

Is there any way to add photos and edit the look of the list viewer?

Should users be able to upload images or just text? (easier to monitor and separates it from google)

and is there anything else I should add or holes in the app idea?

So far, the app

  • has sign up/in page
  • a way to ask questions
  • a way to answer questions
  • a balance but no way to request a withdrawal
  • a page dedicated to viewing the past answer responses
  • organized somewhat, but no UI work besides the sign up/in screen

The app will be fully functional on February 29 and I will continue working on it prior to uploading it to the hackathon.

Should the app be completely anonymous or have usernames?

How would you pay someone if they are anonymous?

Should users be able to upload images or just text?

You’re going to have to decide how much moderation you want to have for content that is user generated. Personally, I wouldn’t want to allow users to upload images because I wouldn’t want to look at whatever they decide to upload.

Another consideration is the moderation delay. For example, after someone posts an answer, is it visible immediately or does someone have to verify that it’s a valid answer (or at least not offensive, etc.)?

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Thanks for your feedback!

By anonymous, I meant anonymous to other users. I have a data table of their emails and phone numbers, so I would pay via PayPal manually.

Your second point is a good point. I was thinking of having a filter for short or blank answers and disturbing words which would be immediately available for people to see. If a certain cap of reports were reached for the question/answer, their reward would be removed. And I would again review a users activity when they withdrawal.

Please also keep in mind that depending on local law you might not be allowed to just pay people money without paying dues/tax first. Also I think it will be quite difficult to calculate how much revenue your app will make and how much you pay for answers. For example what do you do if there are 1000 questions answered for 0.XX$ but you do not have that much revenue with ads?

Best regards

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I’m not aware of any taxes needed for paying a couple bucks via PayPal in America, only thing close to that would be taxes on large gifts.

I plan to create an algorithm so that the user will be paid a certain amount based on the cpm gathered from an airtable, which i’ll manually upload every couple days. In addition, there will be ads in between every couple questions answered and a cool down with the option of watching a video to continue.