I need help understanding how html files work with android live test


I am a total beginner with Thunkable X; and have no prior experience with Thunkable Classic. I have some Javascript, HTML, Python, and CSS experience.

I am trying to test the boundaries of incorporating script, html, and css in Thunkable for the purposes of UI design only (at this point - not external API). I have searched the community discussions, goggled, read the documentation, and watched numerous YouTube videos. I am still confused.

Below are links to two experimental test projects: one is a simple html file as an asset linked to the WebViewer url; the other has HTML code written into the blocks and much more complicated.

My main question is this: Why is it that htmlTest works on my android during live test but htmlTest2 does not? By not working, I mean I just get a white screen

For me it seems that If I don’t code the html in the blocks, I get a white screen or I get an error message about unauthorized access. If I could utilize html code as a file asset and have the ability to view it on my android during live test, it would save a lot of time. Coding the blocks was tedious and I have to believe that it is my inexperience with Thunkable that’s creating my problem.

If anyone can point me to a resource or maybe knows the answer, I would be extremely grateful. I am working on an app but don’t want to get too far into the project until I have an understanding on this issue.

I hope that I followed the proper protocol in posting this topic. The links are below:



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Everything is very simple. This is a question for developers.


On iOS, there is no such error and the page is displayed well.

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How is it tested on Android?

I checked it in the Memu play emulator. For the purity of the experiment, I created a simple html-file and opened it.

If you know how to use the adb debugger, you can try to see the launch logs of your application on Android.

Thanks I will learn how to use the the adb debugger and take it from there. Thanks for the timely reply.

Enable “USB debugging” first on your device.

ADB documentation on this link.



I am totally stumped on this issue!

It’s not just my html files that won’t display on my Android during live test. I found projects that other’s have posted and I still get a blank white screen. Is anyone having the same problem with x.thunkable with the android?

Have you tried installing the app on your device @CG_Tech? Does it behave any differently for you?