Local html files not working in Android

Hi guys,

I ran into another issue with the webviewer. In the Thunkable docs it says you could also use offline .html files:

but that does not work at all in the built Android app. It will just show

Error loading page Domain: undefined Error Code: -1 Description: net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED

on all devices I tested (various Android Versions & BlueStacks).

Is this a bug or can I solve this without uploading my html files to a server? I wanted them to be accessible without internet connection as well :confused: Several topics here did either not exactly describe the same problem and/or not provide a solution…

Best, Chris


There is a problem. It is good that you are reminded of it. I add it to the bug tracker.

How to fix? While I can not say, but the fact that this is a problem for several months - a fact.

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For fun, just uploaded a html-file. On Android 8.1, in Bluestackes 4 and iOS 12.4 is displayed in Live.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<div style="float:left;width:16px;height:100px;background:blue"></div><div style="display:inline-block;line-height:500px;width:16px;background:red">Test</div>

Yes, it works fine in the live companion but unfortunately not in the final build.

You’re right, on Bluestackes installed app is not running. This is one reason why I do not use the assembly Thunkable X and just prefer to Live.

I noticed that the URL field for the WebViewer does not contain a file selection option. It says that its developers are removed. But I do not know when this bug will be fixed.

Data URI does not work on the installed application on iOS. Local html does not work on the installed application on Android. I’m beginning to think that the web-applications are a good alternative to native applications.