Error loading local HTML page in Live on Android

This problem was mentioned a long time ago and reported on github, but unfortunately it was never fixed, which makes it problematic to use HTML in Thunkable x projects.

I want to add a 100% working html file to the project, but when I try to display it in WebViewer, the following error occurs. The worst thing is that it sometimes occurs on an Android device.

This error occurs randomly. In one case, the pages load and suddenly this error occurs. When loading the same page, this error may or may not occur. I used different devices and emulators with different versions of Android (7, 8, 9), but I encountered this error constantly, which is why I stopped using local html files in projects at all.

This is a React Native problem?

I have studied the problem a little. The problem is that this is not a Thunkable x problem. This error is typical for WebViewer on Android and unfortunately there is no reliable way to avoid it. Mark promised to watch it again, but I don’t see any results yet.

As an alternative, I see adding a new onError block for WebViewer, which can be used to track this error.

I made a test project that uses a workaround to load a local html file in WebViewer. It uses a 100 ms timer. If this is not enough for reliable page loading, you can increase the delay.

I will be happy if someone will test the project and tell you whether it works reliably on Android in Live and in the installed app.

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