White screen appearing when testing in thunkable live app in android

We have been testing our app daily to see if any errors are occuring and until today everything for perfectly working in thunkable live test app on android but today when I am testing it , its returning a blank white screen and we have’nt changed anything (code or components) in last 2 days but we did change our gmail account and copied the project from the earlier account to our new account , will this create a problem with live test on phone because the live test in browser is working perfectly , but we need an android test to test our map and webviewer component. Is this an error form our side or that of thunkable x. Pls do help

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If you use anything that requires API keys in the project setup page then this could be the first place to look into.

When copying projects the API keys for components such as Airtable or Firebase will be removed from the copied project and you need to re-input these details.

I did copy the api key of my firebase project

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If you supplied the API key and the database URL then one thing out of the way.

Now you need to implement some debugging strategy such as having a label and update this label after every step in your blocks to see where it fails.

Good luck

Another issue to look into when you copy projects is the use of stored variables.

It is a good practice to check that these variables have been Initialised before using them otherwise your app would crash causing the white screen.

I tried these but the app is not even starting and just returning a blank white screen but the live test in web browser is working, is there any other way to check what’s wrong?

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You need to insert some debugging information into the first screen. Whether in the [start] event or the [open] event depending on which one you used.

Okay , I’will try that once more

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Should you need a second eye, I can test it for you if you send a link to your project either here or as PM.

Thanks a lot for the help , it worked

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Glad to hear that

Hi , I need help. My screen goes blank every time i Live test the App. I have checked for errors but there appear to be none.

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It works OK on my computer and my phone.

Can you provide more explanation of what you want to do and what is the problem exactly?