I am trying to create a full fledged Fitness App

I want to ask the weight and height of the user to give the user exercise and diet plan. How can i ask user weight and height. I am going to publish this app on play store. Can someone help.

You can add a text input. Beside the text input add a label with the text “kg” or “oz” to make sure the user types their weight of the correct type. You can add another input for another unit of weight. You can do the same thing for height.


If user enters their weight and height in text input. How can I save their weight and height. Their weight and height should be saved. How can i do this. Please let me know. Help me.

you can create a table or sync with Airtable. there is also google sheets but it isn’t the best option.

As @vishruth-ram mentions you can use cloud storage options like Airtable, Google Sheets or Firebase, but alternatively you could also use a stored variable in the app itself.

Can you share what you’ve tried so far @bandy and it will be easier for us to guide you

Sure I will attach the link. I didn’t do so many. I will share what I did.

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