Advise on how to rebuild CaravanMate The App

Hi All
Looking for some advise. Currently I have an App CaravanMate on the stores and for whatever reason it will update but it will not retrieve user local storage.
I have decided to give it a facelift with a brand new version.
I am looking at better ways to build the App.
Perhaps save to variables, perhaps an option to save their data to the cloud so if they change their phone they don’t lose their data

  1. The App currently has Labels and text inputs where the user can add their descriptions and weights on 2 different screens. Can a list viewer contain 2 values and can the second value be summed to give a total weight? Can a list viewer have multiline
  2. There is a checklist with sliders to check off items when they are packed. User inputs their own descriptions
  3. There is a save favorite caravan parks where the user enters suburb, park name, address and a field for other details about the park. This is a home built list type screen that displays the 4 fields when a suburb is touched
  4. There is a payload screen where the user adds the vehicle and van payload, some of this transfer to the weights screen

    I have been experimenting with thunkable lists and getting my head around them.
    Can a list be saved as one in a variable?
    Can that variable then be saved to google sheets, firebase or airtable, rather than as I currently do it where each field is saved independently to local storage.

Lists would allow the user to add their own items as few or as many as they want rather than being restricted to the current amount of fields I offer them


Hi there,

I think backing up your users’ data to the cloud is an excellent idea!

You can only save text and objects as a cloud variable.

To save a list to the cloud, you can convert it to text and save it as a cloud variable. You can then retrieve this variable, convert the text back to a list, and use it in your project. You can read more about this in the variables docs.

You can save a list of data to an online Data Source, but you would need to create/update individual values in a column individually.

I hope that’s helpful! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



HI Jane
I could do with a little more help.
I have 3 screens so far - List screen, Edit Screen and Refresh screen




Can you help me.

  1. I need some guidance on how to save the list Weight numbers to a variable
  2. Then I need to know how to save the variable to the cloud

Sample blocks would be great



Hi Jane

And @jared

I have rewritten the test app with variables. It is now a List viewer where I join 2 input fields into the list.
All working fine but now I need to sum every row after the delimiter Space - Space. " - "
I have tried to sum this but with no success. Could you assist with blocks to help do this. I can sum when I enter 1,2,3,4 in a text input but I need to sum everything in the list after the delimiter.


This is a sample I found that works when I enter the numbers in the text field

But I am struggling to get the joined data from the list and just return the numbers and SUM them

Regards Barrie

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Long story short, you’re trying to sum the numeric portion of all list items, correct?

So in the last screenshot above, you’d want to calculate 11 + 22 = 33?

If that’s correct, this should do the trick:

Hi Tatiang

Still struggling where you have hard coded cat - 11 and dog - 22. How do I just get these from the list as the list will change by the user all time

You already have those… you’re creating them by joining the text inputs with the delimiter. In your When Btn_Save Click block, you are adding that whole text string to the numberslist list:

So where I have for each item j in list [app variable list] you would instead have the name of your list such as numberslist.

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Hi Tatiang

I have read a number of posts and this is very confusing to a lot of people.

I put in the blocks you said and it works fine for items that are hardcoded. Still can t figure out how to get the item from my list

Can you show me the blocks I am still lost


You literally just replace the block “app variable list” in my project with your own list which I believe is called “app variable numberslist”. That’s it.

The “for each item j” block just loops through the list storing each item in the variable “j”. And then the remaining blocks parse that item to find the location of the dash (-) and get a substring of the item starting after the dash.

I’m not sure what else to explain. I think if you switch the two blocks I mentioned, you’ll find that it works.

And if not, post a link to your project and I’ll see if I can help make more sense of things.

Thanks that worked… Self taught so it take a little longer for things to sink in to my head… LOL
Appreciate your help

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You’re welcome. I also updated the project to use text inputs in case that was helpful:

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