A simple app about cars

i’m attempting to make a 3 criteria list system to look up the year, make, and model of a car. and i keep running into a wall with regards to making the selected items display on the initial screen. the way ive gotten it so far is

Garage page, “edit” button -> year page (opens list viewer which i cant get to do anything but open automatically) when you click the year, it goes to make, then model.

beyond switching screens i cant figure out how exactly to get it to save the selected items between screens and sessions. id like it to be cloud hosted but i cannot even get it to do that. i’m not sure as to what blocks i should use, but i basically want the list viewer to save the selected option an then display it in the “garage” screen. its quite infuriating. i’ve been working on it for a week.

any help or suggestions would be incredibly welcome.

Hey @bluerfox15uht9,

Could you share some screenshots of the app code, or even just share a project link. With regards to saving the data in the cloud, do you want to save the users input, or do you want to save the lists of makes and models?

You can send it as a private message if you wish.

now, i’m no genius, but it seems like the list viewer cant be bound to a button instead of just opening all
on its own

the make and model screens basically have the same blocks as the year one, each navigates to the next. I’m aware its probably better to use a spreadsheet but that one gave me trouble with binding a “get” command block to a button as well. it kept, for lack of a better term, “crashing” thunkable and the whole tab went white. it wouldn’t respond and i had to refresh the page several times.

You could set the list item to a variable, which would carry the value over to the make screen.

sorry, i was at work yesterday, but what i’m trying to do is get the page labeled garage to display the selected year make and model, save the users selection to a Firebase/server account and then allow them to choose what job they’d like to be completed on their car so that the mechanics can pull up their exact model and purchase the correct parts.

in the end i want to expedite the process of customer service for my auto garage. its nothing too complicated, right? im just not used to this type of programming (i usually program engine computers)

id like to automate as much as possible, seeing as how the actual amount of data entry is going to be massive and a list viewer would be at least 17 different kinds of inefficient. im not sure if this has an excel-style vlookup function.

is there a command list and ruleset for databases?