Lists in Thunkable Cross Platform

Hi Guys
In App Inventor for android I created a list picker. User entered the 4 fields of data, clicked save, user then was able to retrieve the list and scroll through and select the caravan park they had originally saved and the 4 fields would populate the original screen they entered the data in. Thunkable X does not have a list picker.
Can someone help with trying to rethink how to do this.
I need the app user to be able to save 3 fields of information.
The first field (Suburb) being the search criteria to GET the info at later time.
So SUBURB, NAME, ADDRESS to be saved to a list or in local storage but somehow indexed together as a group. User then types in a SUBURB or any part of the word and it finds it in a list or local storage and displays a list and allow the user to select from the list and it populates the suburb, name and address fields with the original info that the user saved.

I really need assistance if anyone can help. Last screen to complete the app for IOS and I need to give a demo to an interested party.

Anyone have and example blocks for Cross platform???


I don’t have a full answer for you, but here is a small project which shows how to use a List Viewer component as a list picker by putting it in a separate screen.


Hi Mark
Thanks for the blocks but I have already managed to do that. My problem is when one list item has 2 or more elements like Name and address, I need to get the Name back to one input or label and the Address to another input or label.
Regards Barrie

I am having the same issue and still no answer :confused:

Hi AcrobatEpee
So easy to pick elements from one list item in AI2 App Inventor with list picker…I have put Marks blocks into my project and Marks were much cleaner and better than what I was doing. Thanks Mark. I will keep experimenting trying to get elements back as well. Please let me know if you succeed.

What about joining the multiple text fields, saving the joined fields as CSV and then getting them back and splitting them into different text fields or labels. No idea how you would do this but sounds feasible…

It’s nightime for me, I’ll get on this tomorrow and keep you updated. Please read your private messages :slight_smile:

Nice day !

Thanks much appreciated

AcrobatEpee is assisting me but any other help would be appreciated. Can someone create the blocks required to do the following.
User inputs the 4 fields and maybe and image
Click save to add it to a list
List can contain multiple parks
User wants to check what they said about a particular park so they go click on a button to take them to the the list
User selects from the list the park
Selecting takes them back to the input screen and populates the 4 fields and the image
All fields a saved indefinitely unless they use the delete park button
Delete park button deletes the park that is populated in the fields on the entry screen.
Works great in App Inventor. Can’t get it working in thunk x

I actually did this for you :frowning:

I couldn’t get yours to work. Mark Friedman put a block up which works but it is only for the first element in the list. I need to save a list item with multiple elements and bring back the multiple elements to display. Talk to you tonight maybe about working out what I did wrong…

Hi Mark
Your blocks would not save to the list. the list showed first line “n”, 2nd line “u”, 3rd line “l”, 4th line “l” = null
I have this working but not sure about how to save multiple items in a list and have them display next time the app is opened. Do you have any sample blocks to assist. Got stuck here on how to save and display next time app opens
Acrobatepee has been very helpful but I need a sample to understand it

For people who are willing to help, here is a block you can inspire from :

What is needed for Barries case :

Everytime the app opens he needs to collect the items one by one from the local storage they’ve been saved to

And then display them in the list (one by one on the go as well)

That said, @towball, I suggest you save your items under item1 ; item2 ; item3 ; etc. So they will be easier to collect (we’ll just change counter by 1 each time the loop is ran). get in the screenshot

You can do that both ways :

First way, you directly save your item under item1, etc.

Second way, you first save your item under the name you wish (here suburb - textsuburb park - textpark) and then save this join text as a value in your local storage under the key item1, item2, item3, etc.

Hope it helps ! :slight_smile:

Yeah, something weird is happening with my ListPicking project. It worked for me when I originally created it. Sorry for the confusion.