How can I save and retrieve user data?

I need to create a way for my clients to “check” the training. when clicking on a button, a popup appears to choose the training effort perception (example of the image 1), and after clicking, this is registered (somewhere - help me with this one too) for me to have access, more or less as in the calendar below (all this separated by person/login, clearly). if it’s possible to add “comment area”, for any customer’s comment/question, it would be perfect.

nobody? :’(

How is your database setup? What backend are you utilizing?

What tables/data types and data models are you using?

for training, rating and account information, I use airtable. I’m super beginner, if a link to my project helps more, let me know

Knowing how you plan to relate tables would be good. Not a link to the app

This is more of a data storage question and a “how to build in Thunkable” question first. Once you answer that, you can build out the logic in Thunkable.

I guess I need to start thinking again then.
can you show me a way?

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