Database issue in my first app

I am a beginner on this platform and I am having issues in connecting database to my created app. I created a GST invoice app where a user can login, enter their name, GST number and other details and submit it.
Then I created 3 tables for login and storing the data in the “Data Sources” section but do not know how to update the tables when users submits those details. Please help me out in figuring out this issue. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Please show what you have tried so far and where you got stuck so others in the community can look into your code and provide help and suggestions.

Thank you for replying. I will attach the screenshots of what I have done so far.

I don’t know how to update the tables when a user enters Login information or their personal data in the tables.
I have just started this so my knowledge in Database is very limited. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

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This is the design part. Where is the code screen?

I can see that you are using a Local Table which means that every user will have his/her own data and the data is not shared with other users. Is this intentional?

I am not sure how to configure the blocks. That’s where I am stuck.
Coming to the local table storage, Yes, the idea is that each user has their own data and it’s not shared with anyone else

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Will not be able to help a lot if you have not coded anything. If you decide to save the details once a button is clicked then

You will need to supply the information from Label component and Text Input components which would be from the screen design.

Thank you so much. That’s what I am trying to do. I’ll give it a try.
I am hoping if I come across some other issues, I can ask here

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Just show what you have tried (what were you expecting and what you got) and there are many in the community who will help and provide suggestions.

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