How to set volume of sound1 using slider

How to change volume of sound 1 using slider pls check this is my link Thunkable

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@techcoder.thunker Can you make another copy and send, This link Doesnt work
Otherwise , can you send the screenshot of blocks?

Ok this is my another id

huh? i cant understand

means i have two accounts in thunkable i am lydar-65 but this is my another id rapid and this is link Thunkable

it shows me error copying shared link can you send the screenshot of blocks?or send me the screenshot of blocks


- YouTube See how it is working

Please do not use duplicate accounts,.

So sorry

What is the problem youโ€™re facing here?

In comp itโ€™s not working but in mobile itโ€™s working , both should work na why only in mobile and not in comp itโ€™s a thunkable issue or my issue bcz in mobile the code working but in comp not

This Is normal. Not A problem @techcoder.thunker

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