How can I control app volume levels using the Drag and Drop interface?

How can I add, volume to my music app, in new thunkable drag and drop UI? PFA
! Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 4.42.48 PM|687x500

Yes, I am also facing the same problem.

Hey @daksh.k @arshitamisra05abufoc What kind of apps are you building?!

There are no audio volume blocks. Users can control app volume using their phone volume buttons, or you could reformat your audio to be quieter/louder; or you could try using the video player to accomplish this :eyes:

We are making music app . In the music app we have added a slider for increasing and decreasing the volume of the song . Thus, we do not have a volume block or a sound component in our thunkable interface. PFA ( Please Find Attached Files) !

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