Can someone please help me how can I set volume of audio by a slider?

I am not able to get it.

What have you tried? Can you share a link to a project so someone here can help fix any problems you’re having?

Also, have you Googled volume slider thunkable? That would be my first step…

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I have tried this
As I want to set the volume of the audio by the slider, And I do not know the coding to do it as I am new to it.

And I have googled it still it does not show anything and if they have it is the older version of thunkable which is not available on my browser.

Your slider is set up correctly but I don’t hear anything when I play the sound files you uploaded. Are you able to play them?

It works when I upload my own sound file.

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I am able to hear mine, I think the audio I chose can be played on mine system only. But actually my doubt is that how to set the the volume of the audio like when you change the sound of the device. It should be like that but by the slider. When I change the value of the slider it do not change it’s volume. The volume is remains the same.