Unable to set sound volume

I’m a developer trying out Thunkable as an option for simple app projects. First thing I tried was making a simple audio player, but immediately hit a wall just trying to set the volume of a sound object. Is there a bug here or am I missing something very basic? Tried assigning slider value and setting a hard coded value when clicking a button but neither has any effect. The audio plays fine, but unable to set the volume property.

hey could you make it work? I’m having the same problem here. I can’t seem to control the volume of a sound in any way.

I never found a solution unfortunately.

In general the sound object seems very limited, for example I don’t think it had a “sound ended” event last time I checked, so even updating button states when a song is over or jumping to the next track etc doesn’t seem possible.

Personally I’ve shelved Thunkable as an option for the time being, but hoping to revisit it in the future.

Thanks for your response! Have you found any other no-coding platform that lets you do this?

@simonu8of did you try with buttons? Were you live testing or installing?

Events, in general, should be minimised for the best app performance so having the built-in call back makes this a little more performant.

What sort of app are you trying to build @erick.fuchof?

I decided to download Thunkable Live app and it works on my phone! So the problem seems to be with the web live preview only.

Glad to hear it’s working for you.

Yeah, this is still in beta so there are still a number of components that aren’t fully supported.

For a true picture of how your app works it’s always best to install it on your phone.

@domhnallohanlon I believe at the time I was only use the web live preview also, so seems reasonable to chalk it up to that.

Would you mind pointing me in the right direction for the callback you mentioned and how to hook into it?