Sound Volume not changing on live test

I am trying to make a music app that will automatically fade a song in and out when you play and stop it however when I go to test it in the thunkable live app it doesn’t fade properly.

Currently I have a function that gradually decreases and increases the volume to fade in and out, it works perfectly fine in the browser but it doesn’t work in the app.

We can’t help you unless we can see how you’ve programmed your app. You can provide screenshots or a link to the project.

Hi sorry, here are some pictures of how the system works.

The “Stop Music Button” is what initiates the fade out, when I go to test it on my phone using the live test app it does stop after 2.75 seconds but it doesn’t change the volume at all.

And its also worth noting that I can’t test it on the web anymore because the preview just disappears everytime I try to play a song. It doesn’t do this on the live test app.

Hello @mikaydengutierrez33v
I was able to replicate the issue using the Thunkable live app on Android.
We have flagged it to our engineering team and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Great Thank you so much, I have been changing around my app quite a bit since then and the problem still persists on the live app but now it seems that the fade in doesn’t work on the web preview anymore, previously I was able to test the fade in and fade out functions perfectly fine on the web preview but now only the fade out works properly.

I did some debugging and was able to verify that the “fadeInValue” is equal to true everytime. What makes me think that this isn’t a bug is because it worked fine before in the web preview but it no longer does, and its only the fade in that doesn’t work the fade out works fine.

Hello @mikaydengutierrez33v!
Thank you for sharing more info.
I created a testing Thunkable and I couldn’t replicate the issue.
Maybe the issue in your app is with the function"getFadeInValue"

I fixed the issue with the fade in and out values not being returned properly. However the issue of the song not fading in or out still persists. Fading out works on the web test, fade in doesn’t. Neither work on the thunkable live app. I know the functions are being called since the song doesn’t play until the amount of time it would take to fade in and out has passed.

I would not expect your fade in function to work. You’re changing the sound volume before playing the sound.

Have you tried setting the volume to 0, playing the sound, and then fading in the volume?

Wow, I don’t even know how that went through my brain. I guess I just had a brain fart :joy:.

Well I got it working in the web viewer, but it still doesn’t work in the live test app.

Its been awhile since I’ve updated this because I focused on developing the other parts of my app before coming back to this, ive changed my project over to a DnD project and am wondering if there is any way to adjust the volume of a sound. This is one of the most important functionality parts of my app as it gives my app a purpose. If there is literally any possible way of making a fade out function please let me know.

Hello @mikaydengutierrez33v
We have a feature request for this
Volume Control blocks for drag and drop - Questions about Thunkable / Feature Requests - Community