How to Search in Data List Viewer after calling data from GSheet

I have designed an App (by viewing many tutorials :rofl:) but there is one thing I am stuck on
I want to add a search bar in Data Viewer List of data called in from GSheet, I want the search bar to search all the columns for relevant keyword and return with the relevant data, there are these columns in GSheet, Name, Cadre, District, Phone Number 1, Phone Number 2, I want if keyword Name is put in search bar the results shall return with all the same names entered in the search bar, if the district is searched the result shall consist of all the names in that district and so on so forth.

the link to my app is

Please don’t start a new topic for the same issue. If you still need help, provide more details and a link to your app in the original topic and someone may be able to help you.