How to retrieve data from a sheet based on an input (Email)

I’m developing an app for electricity bill payments, and I’m facing an issue with retrieving data based on the logged-in email. Currently, I’m trying to fetch data from the column named “ค้างชำระ” after a user logs in. From the attached image, it appears that the data retrieval is not successful, and getting blank values. The expected outcome is for the app to retrieve data based on the ID used for logging in"Could you please help me solve this problem? Thank you in advance."

The code in this section attempts to compare the value entered as ‘userEmail’ with the values in the database under the column ‘colEmail.’ If it matches any row, it retrieves the value in the column named ‘ค้างชำระ’ of that row and stores it in the variable 'Value ค้างชำระ

The following is the code for the screen where I want the data to be displayed

You will notice that the retrieved data is empty.

This is the appearance of the database. I want to log in with column A and retrieve data from column F for display

This is the link to the application.

We can’t help you without screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project. It’s like telling a doctor “I have a pain in my stomach” but then not letting the doctor examine you.

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In the get value from member list you have to specify a valid ID to get the right row.
Variable = variable is not an ID .

Total cash 6,2 and 3 have the same value?

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When using the Firebase Sign In blocks, you would typically not need the user’s email address. Everything in Firebase would be stored based on the user id. The only reason to store the email address is if you plan to send email messages to it.

I recommend watching this very good tutorial: Authenticating users with Firebase (with video tutorial)

And @Goldking is correct… you can’t compare values in a row id text field because that would only return “true” or “false” which are not row ids. You need to give it a row id value (a long string of numbers and characters) or an integer.


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