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Hi, I’m new to Thunkable. I’m facing a problem with logging in to the application I’m developing. The database I chose is Google Sheets, when the user is registered, the data entered (name, email and password) are stored without any problem in the spreadsheet. Now, during the login process, on the screen that asks for email and password, only the data from the last line of the table is read, that is, the last registered user. Other users before the last one cannot access it.
This is the image of the login code I used :point_down:

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You’ll need to provide more details.

See this: How to ask Great Questions v2.0


Hi @vitoriahappy !
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Why Don’t you use these List Items blocks for SignIn?
These are Simpler and Easier to Implement

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Hello, thank you for the help! I tried to implement it as shown in the image you sent, but it still gave an error. When I fill in the login with the email and password, the alert is triggered, saying that the email was not found. The code for my registration screen is this:
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And this is the login screen after I modified it:

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