Email not recognized Thunkable - GoogleSheet

I have a table linked to Google Sheet as a Data source,
if I insert the email I can easily populate the DataBase,
if I start a search procedure as shown in the image below it does not recognize the field mail, but it only recognizes names without special characters (like @)

could you be so kind to help me
i didn’t being able to find anything about this in the forum.

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The row ID you are using is wrong and will not get any values from your local table.

Thanks, for your answer, but I don’t know how to solve it, any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

I tried to use the same block to search for both the phone number and the email, the search for the phone or any name works, but with the email it doesn’t work, could someone give me some info about where am I wrong?

Right after you increase Conta, try setting some label to title case of app variable Email and another to j. Add a ten second wait. Watch what happens as it goes through the loop - are you getting the values you expect?

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Also consider that those purple blocks are asynchronous (I think) - if you add a one second wait within each loop, does the behavior change?

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Why are you using Title Case? Are you sure that the data in your data source matches the Title Case in your text input? How have you checked that?

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i’m learning now,
i saw it worked with title case and i left it, if i enter mail it should be all tiny, i just tried it with lower case and it works, thanks for the advice !!!

is the block correct? is it normal that with google sheets it is slower than airtable?

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I’ve found Google Sheets to be on the slower side, especially if you’re asking it for one value at a time. Instead of asking for one value at a time each time you loop, try asking for a whole ROW at once, then pull out what you need from it. That’s harder to code (slightly), but faster. :slight_smile:

Also, once you’ve found the value you’re looking for, break out of loop.

One other way to structure this (might be faster) - grab the list of emails (purple list of values block) and then use the blue list block to find the occurrence of the email in the list. That’s your row number (Conta), and then you can go on to set the rest of your values. I’m not sure if that’ll be faster or not, but it might be worth trying. I suspect searching the list with the blue block will probably beat a one at a time comparison…


Thanks for the advice, could you please tell me where to learn these methods, I have watched some videos, and read some comments, but I don’t understand how to apply them