How to read data from Firebase Realtime Database?

The below snippet from Tunkable Classic Docs shows one way to get data from Firebase Realtime Database:

It appears that the purple block autopopulates with some sort of object identifier for the Firebase Realtime Database.

In my project, I cant find any purple blocks that look like the above. In particular, I cannot find a purple “call” block that gives me my Firebase database as an option in the pulldown. In addition, none of my purple blocks have “.Get Value” and “.Store Value” as shown above.

I know that my Firebase Realtime Database is connected correctly to my thunkable project because I am using Firebase Authentication to sign-in and sign-up users.

Anyone can help? Thanksin advance:)

Ok so I did find a tutorial video that addresses how to read and write Firebase Realtime Database cloud variables:,vid:KvFvSkG6G-k

The video explains how to use the UserID from the Firebase Realtime Database to read and write data to the Firebase Realtime Database.

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