I need to get data from firebase in readtime

I have The project Automatic farm. I need to get data from firebase in readtime but we have more than 1 variables,and also don’t know how to make block code to get more variables.
I can make a value run in realtime but it show only one variables.

Can you share a screenshot of the firebase data hierarchy? That will help us give you more specific suggestions

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I want to get value from firebase tem1,tem2, and Hum to show on my app. I don’t know to make a block for more variables, like this pictrue.

Try something like this

I would also suggest that you use a button while testing, since the START and OPEN events are a little tricky to work with AND there are some bus with the OPEN event.

Also, check out this link that goes into greater detail on how to use cloud variables INSTEAD of Realtime_DB blocks. Switching will save you a lot of trouble, trust me!